ISHNE AF World-Wide Internet Symposium II / 2007
  Closing Speech
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Dear colleagues and friends who participated in the Second ISHNE Worldwide Internet Symposium on AF,

Once again, we have to provide a few words to summarize the activities that took place during this event.

The thirty days that have gone by since the opening on April 1st, have enabled us to update in a thoroughly and entertaining way, on a topic as clinically significant as AF.

Those who seized the varied possibilities of proposed activities, surely gathered the most complete update on the topic, and this will enable them to treat patients in the best known possible way to this date.

A journey through genetics, clinics, epidemiology, molecular bases, pathophysiology, varied therapeutics, emphasizing the old and new antiarrhythmic drugs (some of which are only known in their country of origin) and nonpharmacological treatments with different ablation systems and the use of devices, evolution and prognosis indicate so, hand in hand with the deep knowledge contributed by more than 70 faculty members and experts from the many countries and the most varied schools.

Gathering such a number of specialists of the highest level was only possible through the Internet environment using the by now classical Symposium format organized by ISHNE.

However, the thirty days we have mentioned are only the tip of the iceberg: starting from the day after the prior symposia ended, devoted to Sudden Cardiac Death, we started preparing this event, selecting the topics to be approached, the list of faculty that would develop them, the technical tools that would make it possible, the design of the site, the translation team to whom we owe, among other things, the translation into Chinese of international guidelines, and all the multiple tasks implied in a goal of such gigantic extent, which we believe we have achieved in this scientific and academic event.

First of all, thank you to the 15,618 registrants who participated in the ISHNE Symposium. Many thanks also to all and each of the Co-Chairmen of the Scientific and Organization Committees, who helped us to design the entire site; and to the Faculty and Experts, who made this possible with their input. Very special thanks to the secretaries, the translators and interpreters of the official languages, the graphic designers, the audio and video technicians and the experts in networks and the Internet. Finally a special mention to the St. Jude Medical Foundation, since without its unselfish support all these efforts would have not resulted in such a fantastic event.

Tomorrow, you will start digesting the knowledge and making your conclusions about this Second Symposium on AF. We will continue with our long term commitment and will start working on the organization of the 2nd International Symposium on Long QT Syndrome, focused in long QT induced by drugs and scheduled for October 2007.

See you then!

John, Sergio, and Edgardo