Can Boosting Nitric Oxide Reverse ED?

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ED is a problem which is very common in men. This disease is often also commonly referred to as impotence. In other words, it is a condition in which a man cannot maintain or achieve an erection during the course of sexual performance. Some of the other symptoms may also include libido or reduced sexual desire.

Since it is a condition which can cause depression, frustration, and many other negative consequences, the best option would be to consult your doctor regarding this matter. This is because ED may also be a sign of additional health problems. Your doctor is most likely to prescribe you certain treatments for ED. In addition, you can also take the course of natural medication. Some of the options are as follows:

Panax Ginseng

The Panax Ginseng has shown to improve ED and sexual function in men. In cases of premature ejaculation, a cream preparation is usually used. This is because Panax ginseng uses a wide range of active and natural ingredients. But it is recommended to be safe for use only for a short amount of time. By boosting the natural production of nitric oxide, blood flow is increased and sexual function is temporarily improved. On the other hand, insomnia is considered to be a very common side effect.

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Dehydroepiandrosterone, also known as DHEA helps in reducing symptoms of erectile dysfunction in men. Research has also shown that it is safe to use on a short-term basis. The side effect of using DHEA is acne.


Some evidence has shown that by consuming large amounts of arginine, the problem of erectile dysfunction can be solved in men. This is because it causes the blood vessels to grow wider which then results in the flow of blood becoming more streamlined and easy. As a result, more nitric oxide is produced in the body which helps in reducing the problem of erectile dysfunction in men.

However, taking large doses of arginine have been found to be addictive. And letting go of it can cause withdrawal symptoms. In addition, it has also shown to cause diarrhea, nausea, and cramps. So the better alternative would be to take nitric oxide supplements which have citrulline as the main and active ingredient. This is because it helps in achieving the goal of increasing nitric oxide levels in the body with minimum side effects.


Another option to treat erectile dysfunction in a natural manner is by resorting to acupuncture. It has helped in restoring sexual activity as well as improving the quality of erections.

Other than all these natural solutions, you can also engage in some physical activity. So by engaging in regular exercise, it not only helps in combatting the development of erectile dysfunction but also helps in reducing it once it becomes a problem. This is because exercises helps in improving the flow of blood. This, in turn, helps to increase the production of nitric oxide in the body in the blood vessels. So make sure to engage yourself in some weight-bearing exercises to boost testosterone.

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Top 10 healthiest herbal teas

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If you feel stressed or have trouble with sleeping, maybe you should try herbal teas. Sipping a cup of quality herbal tea may have a favorable effect on your nervous system and prevent pressure that causes stress.

Herbal tea may be a blend of different plants that may have a variety of beneficial effects on the body. In contrast to the usual opinion, herbal teas are still not out of plant leaves but are made from flowers, roots, bark, stems and other parts. In this article, we picked the following herbal teas:

1. Tea made from lemon grass: this tea has a very refreshing taste of lemons. It may help to destroy various bacteria and fungi, to reduce fever, and it is improving digestion.

Chamomile-Tea2. Chamomile tea: chamomile tea is delicate, sweet flavor, and is considered one of the oldest plants that are used by the ancient Egyptians. Chamomile has a calming effect on the mind, body and spirit and helps in relieving anxiety and stress. A cup of chamomile tea before going to bed can be the perfect means to relax.

3. Tea made from mulberry (mulberry): A mild fruity flavor of this tea can remind of maple leaves tea. Tea made from mulberry tree can prevent the accumulating of fatty deposits in the arteries, and thus atherosclerosis. Tea is good for diabetics, because it prevents sugar from entering the bloodstream. The high concentration of calcium in the nipple can help in strengthening bones and teeth.

4. Pandan tea: Unique taste of Pandan tea makes it one of the most popular drinks in Thailand. A counterpart of the tea helps to reduce the blood sugar and the blood pressure and in this way improves the overall function of the kidney and heart.


5. Tea from Jesus’ crown – lat. Passiflora: To prepare this tea, we need stems and leaves of a flower. This savory and spicy tea helps with sleep problems because it has a mildly sedative effect on the nervous system. It can also be used to treat anxiety, and chronic fatigue.

Does Passion Flower really work for anxiety, panic, or depression? Watch the following video to learn more

6. Tea made from ginger root: Spicy and invigorating scent of ginger root tea may help treat morning sickness and it relaxes the muscles of the stomach. This tea also stimulates digestion because it helps in the breakdown of proteins. Tea made from ginger root can also improve circulation and it relaxes the muscles around the blood vessels.

7. Wu Long Oolong tea: This tea with its natural aroma of peach-like aroma, is considered one of the healthiest teas in the world. Oolong tea promotes beauty and health, helps in the treatment of dark spots, skin aging, wrinkles, etc. It also helps in the treatment of arteriosclerosis.


8. Rooibos tea: This tea is considered as one of the best and healthiest teas in the world. Rooibos tea slows down the aging process and enhances the natural immune system. Helps in strengthening capillaries and improves circulation.

9. Green tea: The specificity of green tea lies in the fact that it can kill malignant cancer cells and significantly slow down their growth. Green tea reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke by reducing blood clots.

10. Mint tea: This tea is used as a means to treat poor digestion: cramps, bloating, heartburn, intestinal irritation, vomiting and imprisonment. Can ease menstrual problems, help with inflammation of the mucous membranes in the mouth and the accumulation of catarrh in the upper respiratory tract and is often recommended as a remedy against insomnia .It is also good for improving of appetite.

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